Trust Management for Private Trusts and Individuals

Is your trust being managed cost-effectively?

Let ROBINS & CO add value by examining the trust document, charging of trustees fees and reviewing the investment mix.

ROBINS & CO takes care of day to day administration of existing trusts or formation of family trusts and gifting.

Oversee Investments and Portfolio Management

With 25 years experience in overseeing management of trusts, ROBINS & Co, has the unique ability to be your guide in setting up and subsequently (if needed), overseeing and managing the day to day workings of your personal or trust portfolio.   This is great if you want to get into the share market but are unsure of how to start, or how it works. 

Rapid response, efficiency, attention to detail, high-quality objective advice and an investment strategy tailored to the needs of individuals are the hallmarks of ROBINS & CO personal portfolio management. Everything is taken care of including: arranging  investment advice through a quality investment brokerage; formation and administration of your trusts and investments; arranging subsequent sale and/or purchase of shares; handling all the taxation/legal issues, including the filing of your tax return though an approved accountant.

ROBINS & CO works only on its clients behalf and has never, and never will, accept any type of commission from organisations seeking investment. However, we do not encourage passive investing. We believe our Clients should  be fully engaged in their investment decisions and will be continuously updated and informed.

Enduring Powers Of Attorney

Who will look after your affairs if something unexpected happens to you? An accident, stroke, mental or physical illness can cause a range of problems. Because incapacity can occur suddenly, regardless of your age or health, an enduring power of attorney should not be left until the need actually arises. It may then be too late if documents have not been signed prior to mental incapacity and the family has to apply to the court to appoint a Manager. This costly and time-consuming process adds to the anxiety and stress of caring for an incapacitated person.If you cannot write or sign cheques, access your bank account and are no longer capable of independent living, you need someone you can trust to make sure your assets are protected and managed competently. Sometimes, it is best not left to the immediate family. You can trust ROBINS & CO with your enduring powers of attorney if that is what you require.

Our Investment charges

What we do is assist with the overseeing of investment through a registered broker.

Our fees are a fixed monthly amount, negotiated with you, and based solely on the work involved, not calculated as a percentage based upon returns or the amount invested. 

ROBINS & CO will not accept commissions by any organisation seeking funds. There are no conflicts of interest.

ROBINS & CO does not provide a service for passive investors. Clients made the final decision on all investments. All portfolios will be diversified. No funds will be invested in any business related to ROBINS & CO.

No inter-related party lending.